How to choose a fabric for a new bedding?

Undoubtedly one of the most important things without which the bedroom is unimaginable - bedding. Not only the aesthetic image of the environment but also the quality of our recreation depends on it.

When choosing bedding sets, try to maintain a solid interior style, pay attention to the dominant colors, do not forget to pay attention to the material.

The name cotton fabric has a very broad meaning. This term describes a wide range of medium to heavy weight cotton fabrics, differing in finishing and applications. Cotton absorbs moisture well and does not electrify. It is perfect for products that come into direct contact with human skin, as it allows the body to breathe and at the same time protects it from overheating.

Cotton fabric is very strong, hard to tear. Disadvantage - extremely wrinkled. When exposed to direct sunlight, the cotton fabric turns yellow and gradually begins to rot. Humidity and polluted air speed up this process. Cotton fabrics are easy to wash, dirt and stains are easily removed.

This fiber is resistant to high ironing temperatures. White fabrics can be washed at 95, and colored fabrics are recommended to be washed at a maximum temperature of 60 °, and very dark colors at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C. Iron below 150 ° C.

Fabrics washed in warm water, not treated by special means, shrink. White fabrics can be bleached with chlorine-releasing products, can be dry-cleaned with all common cleaners, but this reduces the longevity of the fiber.

Canvas - Linen woven cotton fabric. The bedding made from it will last a long time. The embroidery on the canvas is strong, absorbs moisture well, is hygienic, conductive to heat, beautiful and easy to wash, will last a long time, but is crunchy and difficult to drape.

Satin - a very dense and soft long-fiber combed cotton fabric with a luster reminiscent of silk. Slower wears, retains color well. This fabric is easier to iron, so those who don't like ironing are better off choosing satin bedding. Traditional satin is a 100% cotton fabric, but can also be available on the market with a polyester fiber additive. Such a fabric is stronger but absorbs moisture worse.

Knitwear - easy to fall, also soft, well wrapped, does not wrinkle. Minus - bedding from this material may look a little messy, quickly stretched. Knitwear - great choice when using a sheet with rubber - such a sheet adheres to the mattress, neatly enveloping it.


In order for the bedding colors to remain rich for a long time when washing for the first time with powder, add a little vinegar. The acid will stabilize the colors and they will delight you for a long time by remaining bright and attractive. You can also use this tip to preserve clothing colors.

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